Key West

Welcome to DSV & Associates LLC

A love for Key West and a passion for accounting.  Those are the key factors in why DSV & Associates was started in Key West.  Donna, Stephanie and Vicki knew that the only way to ensure their success was to help their clients be more successful; and more importantly, why they want to make DSV & Associates the go-to firm in Key West for accounting, tax and payroll services!

During Stephanie's first trip to Key West ten years ago, she fell in love with the funky little city.  She even dreamed of opening another location of S Jones & Associates there.  After several years of visiting and hosting post-tax-season retreats for the Ohio office, Stephanie knew that her "visits" needed to end and a second home needed to be established.  The dream was made all the more real after Donna and Stephanie met for the first time at Hot Tin Roof in 2013.  How did they meet?  Via a travel website's blog.  Why did they meet?  Because they both fell in love with Key West and loved their work.  Their friendship continued to grow, as did that of their significant ofthers, Greg and Dan.  Greg and Dan, definitely the misfits of the bunch, kept asking why the girls were just talking about opening a business and "just do it, already".  Footnote:  To be honest, Greg and Dan really just want to relax and be pool & beach boys while the girls work!

Stephanie and Donna's fast friendship continued to grow and in July of 2016, they (with their guys in tow) left Hot Tin Roof with excitement and promise as they began their new endeavor in Key West: DSV & Associates LLC.  With the agreement firmly in place and ready to move forward, they secured their first two clients within 7 days.  If you have a passion for your business let Donna, Stephanie and Vicki bring the passion for their  business to your doorstep, and together we can all enjoy the sun and fun that brought us to Key West. 

We welcome you to contact us at our Key West Location at 305-563-3815. We are now taking new clients, and would love to earn your business. 

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